An effective workout program may shape your fitness story. More than "this is the best one" promise, find guidelines to help you choose the best FOR YOU.

A workout program maybe came to your mind, as an effective way to reach your fitness goals. Either if you want to get started or you're performing already some kind of exercise, I'm sure you want to follow the best program. And how do you know that? Let's see what research has found as guidelines for any program design.

Resistance training

First of all, as there are individuals, there are needs, then, each program should be specific.

For a person who is longing for a "tailor made" training program, there are specialists who can offer such services. Now, for other people who have generic needs or don't want to look for a personal trainer, there are programs that could fit their objectives and goals.

In summary: Define which objectives and goals you have and then decide for a specific workout program either by yourself or with the aid of a trainer.

There are many commercial workouts available: E.g. Workout Pass, Jillian Michaels, The Facts About Fitness, etc. How would you know which one is the best for real? Would it work on you or not?, etc.

I think most programs would give you a good result if you're constant, and stick to them. Most of them have been designed by experts, using what has been proven to work. But obviously there'll be no better judge than you if you're "doing the job".

Once you've chosen a specific training program, I recommend you monitor your advance and welcome some experts help and recommendations as well.

Workout program

Most complete programs will have diet and exercise plans.

Diet plans most be reviewed according to the specific needs and goals of each person.

Exercise plans must include workouts for different parts of the body (using aerobic and anaerobic exercises), dealing the exercises through the workout days.

In a small poll I made, this were the answers about which activities they like most:

Out of 64 responses:

Which fitness activity you like most?

38% Cardiovascular training.

5% Resistance training.

20% Weight training.

6% Body building.

6% None.

22% Other.

3% Unable to Answer.

Sometimes the programs are designed using various types of methods. E.g. Complex training is a combination of plyometric training and weight training, then by adding a cardiovascular exercise, the training is more complete.

The different types of approach will make the program not only diverse but also fun, which obviously promotes interest and makes it easier for everyone to stick to it.

If the workout program includes strength training or weight training or resistance training, the intensity of each exercise, the amount of repetitions per set and the number of sets must be defined.

Research has shown that a higher volume of repetitions is reached when there are resting intervals of 3-5 minutes between sets, and not short ones (about 30 seconds) as in many designed workouts. This is an example of the importance of defining intensity, timing and volume of exercise.

Research has also found that performing at least 20 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per day is needed in order to reach a fitness level, less than 20 minutes will not be effective.

There are some investigations testing the effectiveness of exercise in different intervals during the day, but most studies findings point that the shortest exercise interval should be 15 of no less than 15 minutes.

Hope this little guidelines based on the scientific literature help you find the workout program that suits your needs and desires and helps you stay on track with your health and fitness.

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