Detox your body, to improve the immune system and health, and slow the aging process

Detox is a practice that many cultures (like Indian and Chinese) have made for centuries. It means: Helping the body to rest, to clean itself, to remove toxins and to be nourished from inside to outside.

+ How much do you need some real rest?

+ Is your body giving signs of intoxication?

+ How can you help your body to detoxify?

+ What are the benefits of cleaning your body?

+ How often should do need an inside cleaning?

This are the kind of questions that I'm going to answer.

The advantages

The advantages for helping your body to be cleaned from the inside to the outside are not few and not of short importance:

+ It helps protect the body from disease.

+ It renovates the ability of your body to help you keep a good an optimal health.

+ It cleans the blood.

+ Releases the organs from toxins, principally helping the liver, the colon, rest of the intestines, the kidneys, the lungs and the skin.

+ It might help you to lose weight if it is something you're looking for.

+ It improves your metabolism.

+ It may help to enhance your skin health.

+ It may help against allergies.

And the list could continue.

What an "inside cleaning" program intended as well for weight loss should do and safety recommendations


Signs for detox

To address this, let me ask you again some questions:

+ Are you feeling more tired than normal?

+ Do you frequently have allergies?

+ Is it common that you get minor infections?

+ Do you have gastritis, colitis or any other "itis" stress of your digestive system?

+ Do you know someone who knows someone who seems to have constipation (and that who has your name)?

+ If you are a woman, do you have menstrual difficulties like painful periods, etc.?

+ Is your skin looking irritated or is not bright?

+ If you look in the mirror, do you find those "eyes bags" bigger or darker like if you were always partying?

+ Is that german gentlemen always visiting you (Alzheimer), so that you canĀ“t concentrate and forget things easily?

If you answered "YES" to more than one of this questions or to all of them, detox is something you would want to do and need.

Signs for detox

The signs listed above, are situations that can sneak around going on and that can also be noted somehow in your face, on the graph, you'll see a division on the face, which points a bit the health of certain organs.

Skin health

1) and 3) Bladder and digestive system.

2) Liver.

4) and 10) Kidneys.

5) and 9) Respiratory system.

6) and 8) Kidneys.

7) Heart.

11) and 13) Teeth.

12) Ovaries or testicles.

14) Tension.

1) and 3) Indicates retention of liquids or difficulties for eliminating them and that there's a lack of fiber in your diet.

2) Points a high fat or high alcohol consumption or a probable lactose intolerance.

4) and 10) When they have a higher temperature tell you that you need to get hydrated. Drink water and lower or avoid drinking caffeine and/or alcohol.

5) and 9) Project respiratory problems, smoking and allergies.

6) and 8) Show dehydration is present and points a wrong elimination of toxins.

7) High pressure.

11) and 13) a dryness of this part gives sign of dental problems.

12) Shows there are hormonal issues. Sometimes acne concentrates a lot in this area.

14) Stress and aging can be looked on this area.

How to clean the body from the inside?

+ Eliminate your toxic charge by lowering or eliminating the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, high fat meals, high sugar, high salt and smoking.

+ Minimize the use of cleaners or detergents with chemical ingredients. Try organic.

+ Minimize the use of personal health care products with chemical ingredients. Many products have parabens( methyl paraben, propyl paraben, ethyl paraben, etc. which are harmful and may induce cancer). Try more natural things, if you need advice of which products could be good, please go through the link and give me a comment, I'll be glad to help.

+ Lower your stress. Relax or find ways to do it.

10 Ways for detox

Here are 10 ways you can make to help your body to improve:

1) Eat optimal amounts of adequate fiber.

2) Clean and protect the liver (there are supplements for that).

3) Consume vitamins and minerals in optimal amount, including vitamin C (for the production of gluthation a hormone that helps the liver to detoxify the body).

4) Drink enough water daily.

5) Breath correctly so that you oxygen your body.

6) Transform your stress emphasizing positive emotions.

7) Practice this hydrotherapy (5 minutes of hot water when you shower, then 30 seconds of cold water and repeat the process 3 times. I recommend this before you go to sleep).

8) Sweat (you can do it in a sauna, exercise, etc.)

9) Gently polish your skin.

10) Exercise at least 30 minutes per day.

Final opinion

Hope you got answers of how to take care of your body and learn how to detox for cleaning it from the inside to the outside. So in summary:

Detox at least twice a year.

Deworm at least twice a year.

Give an adequate nutrition to your body, you can find many articles on this page regarding that (find some links below).




By following those steps, your body in return will stay in optimal health, with an immune system in good conditions that will take care of you, and a younger look.

Detox can help to lose weight. Click if you want to know more about weight loss.

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